Is it Time to Upgrade to a Tractor Mower?

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But of course it is!  Look at that old thing.  That cut is not cutting anymore.  Plus, pretty soon you might wind up in the middle of the field sitting on a deadbeat metal carcass.  So, you should just pull out the checkbook or credit card and head to the store and get yourself a sharp cut and powerful tires.

If you are a guy this is probably your straightforward way of thinking.  But then maybe you should hold your horses a little bit.  Now, we don’t pretend to pinch your enthusiasm here.  We just want you to make a smart and educated decision.

How To Know it is Time

You see, a tractor mower is a big upgrade if you think about it.  We’re talking about a greater power and performance.  So, you should ask yourself if the size of your new property actually requires such upgrade.

The smartest thing to do is to sit down and think if you are financially prepared to take the leap.  Probably it all rounds to that at first.  But if you realize that the time has not come yet, you should not be discouraged and instead aim earnestly towards the goal.

Obviously, a tractor mower means less effort.  You will be performing the same amount of work for much less time.  This means that not only should you consider the price tag but the costs of maintenance and repair.  Even when you finish paying for your powerful cut, there will come a time in which you will also need to come up with repair plans.

Get down to numbers and decide if you have the financial condition in this moment to pay for all the expenses involved in such tractor.

Characteristics of a Tractor Mower

So, let’s go with our favorite part:  describing the specs of a good tractor mower.  These features will surely help convince you of the best option.

  • Tractor mowers have different power outputs.  This information is usually given in kilowatts as it is mandatory,  but you can also find them in horsepower (hp).
  • You can get them in a variety of cutting widths.  You decide what width you want to cover every time.
  • An obvious one, they will get the task done in very little time.
  • They are very comfortable to use.  You usually get a nicely cushioned seat over a powerful engine.
  • Some companies offer up to five years of warranty.  They do require a year-long obligatory servicing which might cost you $200-$300 per visit.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There is a reason why you are always suggested to sit down to make yourself questions.  They help you make a better decision based on what your real needs are.

How big of a yard do I need for a tractor mower?  This will depend on what size of tractor you are aiming for.  It also depends on what your work is about.  For example, if you own a golf field, then you definitively need one that provides a pretty wide cut.  If you are the owner of a ranch with a big yard, then you budget for that.

Do I have storage space?  This is a vehicle we are talking about.  You should not leave it by itself under the rain and elements.  This means that you should try to store it under a roof.  Make sure that you provide it the protection it needs.

Do I have what it takes to its maintenance?  We are not only talking about money but the time to do so.  It is best if you could somehow get crafty on some minor repairs at least.  It will save you some money by the time something goes wrong and the tractor is no longer under warranty.

A Brief History of the John Deere Company

A Brief History of the John Deere Company

The John Deer Company is one company that won the hearts of many Americans, especially those in the Midwestern United States. This is a story that captures the ideals and the core values of many Americans and that is because it was founded on the commitment to deliver quality services while still maintaining an overall level of integrity. In this article, we shall discuss the major milestones in this company.

1837 – 1848

In 1837, John Deere fashioned a polished steel-plough in his Grand Detour. This was an Illinois blacksmith shop that enabled pioneer farmers to cut clean furrows through the then sticky Midwest prairies soil.

In 1838, the John Deere evolved from a blacksmith to a manufacturer and would later lead the construction of 10 plows in 1839 as well as 75 and 100 more in 1841 and 1842 respectively, before adding retailing to his business in 1942 which included filling orders for the Patent CARY Plow. John Deere co-partnered with Leonard Andrus in 1843 where they joined efforts to perfect their blacksmithing and plow-making art.

Five years later, their plow business became too big for Grand Detour and the duo decided to expand it by moving to Moline, about 75 miles southwest of Grand Detour. Their new location added some perks to their business such as transportation and water, and it is also here that John chose a new partner named Robert N. Tate. By July 28th the same year, Tate had moved to Moline and raised the rafters on their 3-story blacksmith shop.

1849 – 1858

In 1849, 2136 plows were built by a workforce of about 16 and three years later, Deere bought out his partners. The company would be known variously as John Deere, Deere &Company, John Deere & Company, and Moline Plow Factory for the next 16 years.

Deere’s 16-year old son named Charles would later join the company in 1853 as a bookkeeper upon graduating from a commercial college in Chicago.

In 1858, the business took a beating from the then nationwide financial panic and the company swiftly moved to shuffle the ownership and managerial arrangements as a move to arrest any possibilities of going under. He became president before passing power to his now 21-year-old Charles who would hold the reins for 49 years.

1864 – 1867

In 1864, John Deere obtained the company’s first actual patent for molds that was used in casting steel plows and a few months later, he would follow with another one before the third the following year.

The first notable legal action taken by this company was in 1867 when he sued a competitor named Candee, Swan & Co. for trademark infringement, a case that would have precedent-setting implications in the formulation and/or application of laws relating to trademark.

1867 – 1869

In 1868, the company changed status from a sole proprietorship to an incorporated company under the name Deere & Company. The company would start with 4 shareholders before moving to 6 within the first year of inception, with Charles and John alone commanding a whopping 65% of the company’s stock.

The establishment of the first branch house by Charles Deere and Alvah Mansur, known as Deere, Mansur &Co. in Kansas City in the year 1869 would act as the forerunner of the current farm and industrial equipment sales branches and sales region.

Here is a video outline the rest of the history of the company

Should you Buy a John Deere Tractor New or Used

Should you Buy a John Deere Tractor New or Used

Tractors are essential to farming which helps in the arrangement of land for planting and even digging. For that you need a good, solid tractor. John Deere tractors are among the leading tractor manufacturers available around the world.  It is important to search for a tractor that has every one of the features you require that works with the land you plan to develop. The following are some of the things you should look for when buying a John Deere tractor.


If you plan to use your John Deere tractor in the winter, you should search for one that has a covered cab. The cab will help you stay dry and warm all year round.  If you use the tractor to remove snow you’ll be glad to have the heat.

Purpose of the John Deere tractor

Some John Deere tractors have more power than the others.  You may look over tractors that are used for light and heavy duty work. Different models of John Deere tractors have different features depending on the age and model of the tractor. So search for a tractor that has the features you require.

Size of the land

The greater the extent of land you are dealing with, the bigger the tractor. Pick a tractor that works successfully on the measure of work you have. Bigger tractors are known to give more power and subsequently ought to be used on expansive parts of the land. Littler ones can be used to do lighter works that don’t require more power.

The Cost of the tractor

All of John Deere tractors models have different costs. The cost will decide the model of tractor you purchase. Powerful tractors are known to be costly since their performance additionally is high. Become more acquainted with every model’s cost and contrast its cost with the power it has.

Condition of the tractor

Used John Deere tractors can be costly to keep up since the extra parts are difficult to get. Search for a tractor that is in great condition and doesn’t need a ton of work.  Get a mechanic to have a look over the engine and see what repairs may be needed.  Make sure the body is in good shape too.

Buying terms

This shows whether the John Deere you are buying is in credit or straight purchase. Ensure you comprehend the terms of any finance deal you make. Try not to hurry to buy a tractor before looking around at models and prices. Check the manual for the tractor you are looking at to ensure you’re good with the maintenance and upkeep.